Another structure quiz answers

Here are the answers to another structure quiz

1, Chloroform – note the simple hydrocarbon structure in common with many of the volatile anaesthetic agents, including the next two below


2. Isoflurane


3. Enflurane – note that isoflurane and enflurane are structural isomers of each other. They have the same atoms, rearranged in a different order. What differences due the change in arrangement of the atoms make to the properties of these two drugs?


4. Codeine – the methylated form of the drug below. Demethylation by CYP2D6 results in conversion to morphine


5. Morphine – naturally occurring phenanthrene


6. Tramadol – can you find the structural similarity to codeine, which results in the two drugs being metabolised at the same enzyme?


7. Naloxone – did anyone get this one. Interestingly all conventional mu receptor antagonists are structural analogues of morphine, with a bulky substitution the N17 position.


8. Tubocurarine – purely of historic interest. Did some of you pick the class of drug based on the quaternary ammonium and the isoquinoline  structure?Tubocurarine.svg

9. Glycopyrrolate – another drug working a the ACh receptor. Look for similarities in structure with the drug above. How does glycopyrrolate differ from atropine structurally? What difference does this make in clinical practice?


10. Neostigmine – what features help it associate with the AChE? Can you find the carbamyl ester?



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